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We are here to save lives of people that might need the help in case of an accident or an emergency; This is done through a simple scanning process to a QR code put on a bracelet, sticker and an ID all given in one package to our customers

Our Package

We all have seen people die on the streets or at car accidents or even fainting due to simple need for a certain medicine yet no one knew so they passed away, taking further look at a such problem we always knew that something could be down about it; So we came up with not just one product to carry our service but three a package of a Bracelet, a Sticker and an ID carrying a QR Code this QR Code can technically save your life through a scan for this QR code you carry and in three seconds people scanning would see on their Screens Your Name, Number, Email and Address but yet this not the important part the important part is they would find all your medical conditions like heart problems and health issues with every medicine you are used to taking on daily basis and blood type giving people the chance to save your life and we don’t stop there we also show them a list of your emergency contacts and letting them know who to call,So now you would always know your safe and people have constant channel to help you and your dear ones.