First: What's QSafe ?

QSAFE in the simplest of its forms could be the future brought to your hands and put into a bracelet. 

Our project is here to save lives of people that might need the help in case of an accident or an emergency; This is done through a simple scanning process to a QR code put on a bracelet, sticker and an ID all given in one package to our customers 

In case anything goes wrong like the person went unconscious for some reason or had an accident or a child is lost or even an elder with alzahimer

With a scan to this Qr code and in 30 seconds personal information, medical conditions and emergency contacts of this person will appear on your screen and you could offer them the right help.

Second : How to place An order ?

Step 1 : Go to Bottom Order Now 

Step 2 : Select Qsafe Package and the Quantity you need 

Step 3 : Add it to Cart 

Step 4 : View Cart 


Step 6 : Check out ( Add your Information ) 

Step 7 : Place Order

Step 8 : Please check your email after placing an order for the invoice.

Third : How to add Your Personal Information ?

Step 1 : login

Step 2 : Enter The Given User Name and Password Where it mentioned in Your Package Card

Step 3 : My Account

Step 4 : Change password ( Update Your Password ) 

Step 5 : Account ( add Your first name , last name and your Email Address )

Step 6 : Press in your photo

Step 7 : Edit Profile

Step 8 : Add Your information Then Press update Profile