The faster the better, Introducing QMenu where you Scan a QR Code and the menu appears on your screens in seconds decreasing the time you wait in the restaurants and assures you see pictures and all ingredients of what you get not only this but also decreasing the risks of allergies you might face.


QMenu doesn’t just help us save time waiting for the waiter and letting him answer all the questions you have, but we are also going the extra mile in saving our planet as we decrease the use of papers and instead of thousands of menus printed every year; You only get one of our two packages either our scan-able waterproof stickers or stands for so much longer time and all you have to do is tell us the updates and we will get it done with no need to print new ones. Also putting into consideration the current pandemic given that we have to decrease the surfaces we touch after each other and as menus are not sanitized we give you a solution that doesn’t just protect you but decreases time, money and effort invested in a very simple process.

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